The Pros And Cons Of The New Deal

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The Great Depression hit America hard in the 1930s. Money was scarce and jobs were difficult to find. Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) was elected into office and took charge, leading the drive towards building America up again; he created the New Deal programs which aimed at improving the lives of citizens. These acts were successful but created controversy, some for and some against. Despite these disagreements, the New Deal was neither conservative nor liberal; it did just what was needed to help the country pull out of this Great Depression. Many of the New Deal programs worked towards creating jobs. The resulting employment opportunities were much needed in helping boost America’s economy, giving the previously unemployed an income. Many of FDR’s…show more content…
These programs worked to keep people on their feet until America pulled out of the deep recession. The New Deal was not liberal because it was not even what ended the Great Depression. What actually ended the Great Depression was when World War II began trickling over into American affairs. The spending that came along with the war and the demand for new industries greatly improved the economy along with the actions taken to finance these investments. There are always critics to any program or plan that the government creates and the New Deal was no exception; FDR had the good intentions of America in mind. He was not looking to create a monster government, he was looking to help the citizens have better lives in the crashed economy. Some of his acts have lasted until modern day, meaning that they must be working. The Social Security Act is still in effect today for example; this act provides a security net for the retired and disabled. FDR had great intentions for his programs and it is proven by how some are still in effect in 2016. Without his experimenting, America might not have programs that affect modern day