The Pros And Cons Of The Legalization Of Marijuana

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ndel ENG122C21 English Composition II May 4, 2014 The Legalization of Marijuana During the research of the pros and cons of using marijuana, there was enough compelling evidence to support the fact that marijuana should be legalized. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado was a positive choice. Innocent people are being prosecuted daily and even the Federal government has acknowledged the medicinal properties in marijuana. Marijuana has several medicinal values and the legal sale of marijuana is financially beneficial for the state of Colorado. Many innocent people are being prosecuted daily for simple possession of marijuana. It makes no sense to weigh down a person with a criminal record which will reduce them to a second class citizen. They will be unable to get a job or find employment in many places as well as multiple other consequences they will have to endure for simply possessing marijuana. Since two of the top special interest groups against the legalization of marijuana are the Private Prison Corporations and the Prison Guard Unions (Fang), it stands to reason that there is money to be made by keeping marijuana illegal and not just by the drug cartels. It is an unreasonable act to arrest and prosecute an otherwise innocent person for the use and/or possession of marijuana regardless if it is used for recreation or medicinal purposes. To arrest and incarcerate a person for possession of marijuana is beyond unreasonable, it is unacceptable and wrong. There are thousands of people arrested for simple possession every year in the United States. To take people and completely change their lives in a negative direction and to fine them money which otherwise could be used for rent and food simply f... ... middle of paper ... ...00 million, with the vast majority of the funding devoted to improving drug awareness, addiction prevention, and public health—an enviable sum for any government to put toward normally difficult-to-fund initiatives. Even more surprising is that every dollar of that amount will come from tax revenues on the sale of drugs that were illegal until this year” (Chayka). When all of the facts supporting the legalization of marijuana have been weighed, it is clear that the prohibition of marijuana must be ended. The overwhelming evidence supports the facts that marijuana is a safe choice of alternative medicine, there would be no more arrests of innocent people for simple possession and that the State of Colorado will benefit with the extra revenue generated by the sales of marijuana. It is clear that the legalization of marijuana is a positive choice for Colorado.
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