The Pros And Cons Of The Labor Union

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No, a union is not allowed to waive its right to bargain in regards to mandatory subjects of bargaining. If a union refuses to bargain in regards to a mandatory bargaining subject then the union is violating the collective bargaining activities that are governed by the National Labor Relations Act (SHRM, 2012). The National Labor Relations Board along with federal courts have the authority to determine which issues require a mandatory subject of bargaining. In the United States the Supreme Court has identified two criteria’s that must be met in order to determine if an issue is considered to be a mandatory subject of bargaining. They are as follows; “whether it is “plainly germane to the working environment”, and is “not among those managerial…show more content…
The employer was a grocery store, Kroger. Even though it was a part time position while in college, the labor union was offered to both full and part time employees of Kroger. Employees pay a certain amount out of each pay check to be union members. Employees are not required to participate in the labor union. If an employee wants to know more about the labor union then a representative usually meets with the employee and discusses how much the dues are and how much comes out of each pay check along with the benefits of being a labor union member. The representative also informs the employee of what the labor union can and can’t do. As a member of this union, there were several areas that needed improvement and/or recommendations. As a union member you could discuss those issues with the union representative. You could talk to the union representative when they came into your store or by phone or email. All discussions with the labor union representative were confidential. This union often helped to resolve disputes between employees and the employer. They were usually working conditions, grievance procedures, or wages and benefit disputes. There were positive and negative aspects to being part of a labor union. At times it felt like the labor union was taking the employees money and not advocating for the employees and there were times where the employees could tell the labor union was working in their best interest and to help make the labor union members feel secure against unfair treatment or unsatisfactory work related

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