The Pros And Cons Of The French Revolution

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Dating back to the mid 1700s, foreign policy has been a topic of discussion for all political leaders. George Washington and his cabinet had to respond effectively to the demands of countries around the world. The French Revolution challenged America’s supreme power as Washington had to decide where United States loyalties would lie. Post-Revolutionary foreign policy decisions were now being made off a moralistic or realistic values. During the time period of policymaking, Washington left his farewell address, the Jay Treaty was enacted, the XYZ Affair and Quasi War with France went underway, and the Treaty of Ghent was signed. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry Clay were three key components in deciding how to rule despite having opposing…show more content…
Alarmed by the radicalism of the French Revolution, Hamilton persuaded that America’s security and his economic system demanded friendship with Britain, clearly indifferent to the consequences for France (Herring, George C.). The decision to stay neutral also upset more than appealed. The French were not happy with the decision as well as Jefferson. Both the French and British began to seize American ships crossing the Atlantic, taking cargo and impressing sailors. These actions and seizures violated the Neutrality Proclamation forcing Washington and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay to form new ways of…show more content…
Americans say the Congress accepted a war they were not ready to fight. The Federalists also feared that the war would throw the nation into the arms of Napoleon. “The initial protests against the war, particularly in New England, often expressed greater fear of a French alliance than of the war itself” (Hoey, John B). Federalists continued to oppose the war because they considered it an "offensive" war aimed at Canada. Although willing to support a war to protect American commerce or to defend the nation 's frontiers, they refused to sanction the conquest of Canada due to English forces being stationed so close to their

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