The Pros And Cons Of The Eugenics Movement

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Consistently throughout history people have tried to prove that groups with inborn qualities can either vastly improve or degenerate different races over time. This rhetoric has been proven multiple times throughout the course of the last century throughout the United States and Nazi reigned Germany. Supposedly, this rhetoric has been disproven throughout the United States; however, there are proven accounts that the United States government has recently supported this theory of sterilization of minorities by supporting the eugenics movement was not only in Nazi Germany, but also on United States soil. The topic of improving the genetic make up of different races has not only just become a common theme for many modern day countries to use to make their societies more genetically fit. However, it has adopted the basis for current racism that is clearly apparent in today’s society. If improving genetic fitness was not a concern to past societies, then people, in general would be a lot more open to interracial and cross-cultural relationships rather than completely disregarding the idea of dating someone that is visibly genetically different. Historically speaking, Americans and the United States government have consistently had many issues of not recognizing their…show more content…
In today’s society, Eugenics movement is looked upon as unethical sterilize large groups of people from procreating without their consent. However, at one point in history, it was used as positive reinforcement and incentive throughout America to make the white race more prominent and to make the African American decrease in population size. By sterilizing the unwanted people, this theory was used to reassure white people that children of color would not eventually infiltrate their

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