The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Since the formation of the United States criminal justice system, the death penalty existed. Our society believed that punishment is equality to justice. There was this mentality of an eye or an eye, if you kill someone then the only way to compensate for the death of that person was for the family to kill you. Over the years, the death penalty has splits the United States of America in half because some people believe that the death penalty is needed and other believe that the death penalty should be abolished or reformed. For the death penalty, there is an array of explanations that can convince people that it is an infraction to human rights and a corruption to the American image. On the other hand, there is another collection of arguments…show more content…
Due to the fact that our criminal justice system is run by humans, there is always a possibility that a mistake can occur. Since humans are no where near perfect, our criminal justice system is not perfect. This creates a possibility that an innocent person could be sent to prison for years or put in death row for a crime that they did not commit. For example, in the case of Curtis McCarty. Curtis Edward McCarty was exonerated in 2007 after serving 21 years, 19 years on death row, for a 1982 Oklahoma City murder he did not commit. McCarty was convicted twice and sentenced to death three times based on prosecutorial misconduct and testimony from forensic analyst Joyce Gilchrist, whose lab misconduct has contributed to at least two other convictions later overturned by DNA evidence. Curtis attorney was able to secure sperm recovered from the victim’s body, and test results showed that the sperm did not match McCarty. and did not match McCarty. Based on the advance, McCarty’s attorneys moved to dismiss the charges. On May 11, 2007, Judge Gray granted the motion and McCarty was released from state custody. Although most people would argue that the death penalty has punished those of gruesome criminal actions, it has also caused punishment numerous innocent
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