The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Many people believe that even though states were given the right in the state constitution to put an inmate to death, they still should not practice the death penalty. People believe that the death penalty can be susceptible to error, and that it is very cruel and unusual. Each state should use the right that they have been given to put an inmate to death if the inmate was found guilty for any heinous act. The history of the death penalty
The death penalty has been a part of our history for as long as 1600 BC. In 1608 AD Captain George Kendall was the first recorded execution in North America (Baker). He was executed by firing squad for his crimes of spying on the Spanish government.The death penalty was first established to prevent actions
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The longest reported time that it took to put an inmate to death was twenty-six minutes. He was given a never before tried mixture of a lethal dose in Ohio, now states know to test new forms of executions. The man admitted to killing and raping a pregnant woman in 1989. Yes, the injection took twenty-six minutes to kill him. Yes, it may have been cruel, but the man raped and killed a pregnant woman. That injection was nothing compared to what he did to that young lady. “The average time that a lethal injection takes to kill an inmate is a minute, but the inmate loses consciousness after 30 seconds so there is no suffering” (Lethal injection,…show more content…
With the advancement of our technology, it is very rare to be wrong in murder and rape cases. DNA and fingerprinting make it virtually impossible to be wrong in a case. Now if a person is sentenced to death, they would have to be found guilty for committing a pretty serious crime. Rape, kidnapping, and murder are the three main actions that could get a person sentenced to death. Many families are still haunted by the fact that the person that destroyed their family is still alive. The death penalty can bring closure to the victim 's family. During executions, the victims family is allowed to watch the inmate be killed through a one way glass. The family of a victim or victims have to suffer through the fact that their loved one was killed and then have to be reminded repeatedly in court. Families become traumatized, with the death penalty families will finally feel lifted knowing that the person that destroyed their family is
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