The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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When I think of the death penalty I always think of the first two offender’s murders and child molester, I guess that’s from watching all those crime shows. First, we have the Nebraska’s Death Penalty, here in Nebraska there has been a total of 37 individuals that have been executed. In February 2008, Nebraska supreme court declared electrocution to be cruel and unusual punishment. May 2009, Nebraska state legislature adopted lethal injection. As time went on there was still big controversy in Nebraska as to if it was still a cruel and unusual punishment. May 2015 the Nebraska state legislature (unicameral body) voted 32-15 on lb268 to abolish the death penalty in the Nebraska. In the summer of 2015 a pro-death penalty organization, gathered signatures on a ballot…show more content…
People like him do make you wish that society would have done him a little better and maybe those children would have still been alive. Next, the death penalty still remains a hot topic upon Americans. I ask myself should the death penalty be abolished in the United states or should we keep it. The death penalty does have pros and cons; the only reason I feel a certain way is we are taking another life for a life. What I mean by that statement is the convicted inmate murder, kills, and or torture multiple victims, then he/she is caught by the hands of justice and we want to give them the death penalty based upon their records. Now is that justice or us just wanting to crucially punish someone. The death penalty is sometimes a hard subject to talk about, because it is such a touchy subject. So I do support the death penalty, but when it all comes down to it how many people are we really saving if we take one man off of earth versus 50,000 more killers, rapist, and child molesters. No one excepts to be those things when they grow up in life some people do want to live different paths in life but some just do not chose the right
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