The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Is it true that women don’t get fair judgment when it comes to the death penalty? Women are less likely to commit violent crimes and when they do, it is rare they receive the death penalty. Women are slightly judged when it comes to the death penalty. Most women that face the death penalty come from a past of abuse from family members or significant others. Women have such a different appearance then men, a woman aren’t as aggressive as a man would be. There are many cases that happen around the world that result of women getting a slighter chance of the death row. In the many cases women usually are involved in the killings of their family members, or very close loved ones. Although women are less aggressive as men, women should receive the same the same punishment as men. Men also come from aggressive backgrounds. Men…show more content…
So nine times out of ten the jury will feel guilty about sending a mother to death row, leaving their children without a mother. One key flaw for example in the court system is the case of Susan Smith, a woman from South Carolina who purposely rolled her car into a lake in the year 1994, drowning her sons who were buckled into their car seats. She also told police that an African American man carjacked the vehicle and kidnapped the two boys. She even went as far as to plead on television for help to get them back. When her story eventually fell apart, the local district attorney, who was up for re-election, thought it would be an excellent conviction, but her lawyers showed evidence of abuse and depression and the jury voted for a life sentence. Susan Smith will be eligible for parole in 17 years at the age of 53. There are many women who commit crimes worse than Susan’s that get off of death row, but if a man commits this crime the jury wouldn’t think twice about putting him on death row. Actions like this really make people question our justice system, and the actions they take against
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