The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Execute Justice, Not People
“An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind” (qtd. in Dear). Gandhi’s moving words still resonates soundly and influences people’s acts today. He conveyed that violence only breeds more violence, and people should not allow hate and bitterness consume them to the point where they cannot forgive but to take vengeance upon another as the ultimate solution. Throughout history, various forms of barbaric executions--lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad and hanging--have taken place as a punishment for capital crimes in the United States. The death penalty is an ineffective and inefficient form of punishment. It must be abolished because it is inherently immoral and disrespectful towards
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The supporters claim that the death penalty will eliminate criminals and that these offenders will not be around to repeat any future crimes. Legally, criminals should be "innocent until proven guilty;” but in reality, they are often accused to be "guilty until proven innocent.” However, the abolitionists argue that innocent people have been mistakenly placed on death row and executed because of the flaws in the current criminal justice system. Amnesty International discovered that “innocent people may be sentenced to death through judicial error” ("Evidence Against Death Penalty”). As a result, tragedies are irreversible. An innocent victim by the name of “Steven Truscott was wrongly convicted of murder… It was horrible for Truscott and the victim 's family because the real culprit got away with murder” (Wheeler). So far, under this horrifying system, “17 innocent people sentenced to death have been exonerated and released based on DNA evidence, and 112 other people based on other evidence” ("An Indefensible Punishment”). As long as the death penalty exists, there will be risks of executing innocent people. It must be abolished permanently and substituted by a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. Society 's needs of punishment and protection can be met without running the risk of an erroneous and irrevocable punishment. Many people favor the death penalty as reparation for the wrong done to a victim’s family; however, in most cases, closure is not the result. Losing a loved one, no matter how that person is lost, is unbearable, irrevocable, and shattering. Moreover, the death penalty supporters claim that the murderers must suffer in order to make the victims’ families feel better and that death is what murderers deserve – “making the punishment fit the crime.” If punishments are unjust unless they mirror the crime itself, then it would mean punishing rapists
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