The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Almost all the countries in the world once had the death penalty or still have it. The death penalty is use in cases as a form of punishment. In the United State, it is use as a punishment for offenders who have committed a capital offense. Many people argue that the death penalty help prevent the crime rate from prevailing in our society. However we do have some people who think it is a harsh work. Along with the history, the different ways of putting a person to death, makes the death sentencing one of the most effective ways to put fear in someone’s eye before they think about committing the same criminal act. By introducing fear, many believe it will reduce the crime rate. Capital punishment is also referred to some people as “the death…show more content…
It is a fair punishment to some people, but it is seen as a form of cruel and unusual punishment to others. The United States laws are based on the U.S Constitution Therefore, many American believe that the death penalty is taking away a person’s constitutional rights. Because of a person’s right, it is unconstitutional to put someone to death in America. The eighth amendment clearly stated that, “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fine imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted” (U.S Constitution). It also stated under the fourteenth and fifth amendments that, “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property” (U.S Constitution). When a defendant is put to death, he or she loses their liberty and property along with their life. Even though, crime interfere with peace and order of society (Budziszewski, 2004). Making a person suffer the consequence for the crime he or she committed to life imprisonment is acceptable; but taking the life of a person who killed another person is making the same violent act again in a different form (Schroth, 2008). The death penalty is risking the lives of innocent people. Studies also show that the crime rate in the states, in which, practice the death penalty is not lower than the states which have life imprisonment. Both punishment show nearly the same result as research shown (ACLU,
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