The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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The death penalty should be abolished because innocent people die from others wrongful acts. It has been argued if the death penalty is right or wrong for a while. There have been many reports of people who were wrongfully accused and sentenced to death, these people did not deserve to die, yet they did. The court found suspects guilty of murder without liable proof of the suspect being the killer. This kind of wrong doing happens all the time.
The death penalty is not only the worst sentencing someone can get for a crime, it is also cruel punishment. When the accused are sentenced to death they are not killed right on the spot, or in a few days. No, they wait months to even years in prison just sitting in a cell knowing they will never see freedom again. The accused are stuck in prison for months they are also around others who were sentenced to the same. No man should ever sit through the torture of knowing their life is taken forever and have to meditate on that thought for months on end.
These inmates that have been sentenced to death row are also not always treated the same as the other prisoners. Guards treat prisoners differently all the time (A Death Penalty Comes Home, 2) according to things such as race, sexuality, and the sentencing of the accused. Guards tend to not care as much about the inmates in death row because they know there is no point of being kind to them since they’re going to die. The accused are also driven mad by the thought of death. What man could stay in the right mind knowing they will never be able to hold their kids or hug their wife ever again? They will never be free. In Texas over a period of time twenty-four people were sentenced to death, but only twenty-three were executed. The extra one com...

... middle of paper ... innocent how could America?
If a man were to assault another man the rightful punishment would be time served in jail, not to be assaulted, so why is the correct punishment for killing to be killed? Sure, the thought of dying could drive someone not to kill, but usually these men and women who commit murder do not have anything to live for. These people usually come from broken homes. (A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home, 3) Life is not exactly “cherished” by these people, so dying would not be a very compelling punishment. Punishments such as life in prison would better suffice for the crime of killing.
In conclusion, the death penalty is morally wrong and unjust. The death penalty should be abolished and no one should have to go through that pain. There is no gain for anyone in this. Criminals should just be sentenced to life in prison and not the death penalty.
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