The Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation were created to establish a weak confederacy of states to preserve state sovereignty and independence. As a result of this, this left a weak and ineffective central government that lacked powers that are crucial to the governance of a nation such as the ability to tax to generate revenue, establish a national court system, and have a national currency. It is these inabilities of the national government, which resulted in their incapacity to enact upon political and economic issues leaving an economically weak and quarrelsome nation. This prompted the need to establish a new governing doctrine that preserves the union, adequately divides power, and ensures the security of life and liberty. The government under the Articles of Confederation lacked basic powers such as the power to issue tariffs. This resulted in a complete lack of…show more content…
It was therefore crucial that the president was elected by the common man and served to represent the average individual rather than an economic and political elite. The constitution ensures this by giving each individual one vote regardless of how much power they may hold, resulting in a presidency that is for, by, and of the people. In addition, the constitution must protect the civil liberties of the common man by specifically documenting these liberties to ensure that they remain and cannot be taken away. In the Constitution, this is accomplished by the Bill of Rights which has 10 amendments that each grant a specific civil liberty such as the freedom of speech in the 1st Amendment and the freedom against unreasonable searches in the 4th Amendment. The inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the constitution, guarantees that the citizens of the nation have specifically defined essential liberties that are protected by the supreme law of the

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