The Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

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During 1945 there was a war called the Cold War. The Cold War was a war between two superpowers the United States and the Soviet Union, which at the center of the Soviet Union was Russia. Even though the Cold war Centered around these two countries it was actually all of Europe and the United states. This war started after World War II that had put a stop to European dominance(Rothney & Findley,2011). But the Soviet Union still remained Dominant even after Hitler and America gained dominance from winning World War II cementing it 's legacy as a Super Power country(Rothney & Findley,2011). The Cold war between these countries lasted until 1973, that 40 years. After World War II ended in 1943 the Cold War Started in 1945 that makes it that the world only had two years of peace until there was another war. This time the war was between the Soviet union and the United States about nuclear weapons and other things that was really the problem was that everyone was scared of the Soviet Union and thought that it wanted to be the most dominant country. Another reason that everyone was afraid of the Soviet Union was because it was built communism and communism is what the allied countries just defeated with Adolf Hitler in World War II(Ball,1998). This why the cold war was so scary to people not only did it deal with communism…show more content…
It was both the United States and the Soviet Union trying to use tactics to scare the other one so they would back down or hand the other one their weapons. The Cold War was scarey because of the threat of nuclear weapons and the threat of the Soviet Union winning and bringing communism back(Rothney & Findley,2011). This lasted for 40 years because there is nothing scarier to the human brain then the thought that the enemy can bring down nuclear bombs in your sleep and nuke you which was what the cold war was
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