The Pros And Cons Of The Ban On Tobacco

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The government of India has many arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising. One of the arguments is the right of the government to step in and promote a healthier lifestyle. Many of the tobacco advertising companies stated that the ban on advertising was unconstitutional, but the supreme court in Belgium and France both agreed that the ban was not unconstitutional and was needed the ensure the public health. In 1990 tobacco attributed to over 3 million deaths and escalated to 4.023 million deaths in 1998. Studies show that when people quit smoking they spend their money in different sectors of the economy creating more jobs and economic growth. Tobacco consumption in countries that had a ban showed a dramatic decrease in consumers…show more content…
If an individual wants to smoke they will choose a product that someone that they are acquainted with smokes, and no matter how many regulations there are, adolescent smoking either starts at home if the parents are smokers or with a friend who has parents that smoke. The government should manage the tobacco industry better in regards to the adding of chemicals that are not present in natural tobacco leaves. By adding the extra ingredients they are adding the elements that risk the health of the consumers. For hundreds of years tobacco in its pure form has been used by native American civilizations for spiritual purposes. It wasn’t until the industrialization of the tobacco industry when the addiction health hazard causing chemicals were added to increase sales and dependency of smokers. In conclusion the country of India has many supporters and non supporters of the tobacco advertising ban. While some argue that it is totally in the best interest of the citizens. Others feel it is a blatant abuse of power by the government. The conflict of interest arises from India being a country that is in the tobacco industry to banning the advertising of the product they are growing. And by having government put strict regulations on the production of tobacco in regards to the added contaminants would reduce the health risks involved with the consumption of the current products
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