The Pros And Cons Of The Atomic Bombs

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Atomic bombs were used against Japan in order to end the war as quickly as possible, with minimal amounts of American casualties. The United States had decided that they will only accept an unconditional surrender from the Japanese. The use of the atomic bombs was hoped to push the Japanese the last bit to get them to surrender to the U.S. 's terms. The alternative options to the atomic bomb included an intensification of the current bombing of Japan, an invasion, waiting for additional aid from the Soviet Union, and allowing the Japanese to keep their imperial system with an emperor. Although the continued bombing of Japan was debated, it was ultimately too uncertain. General LeMay argued that this option could end the war in the span of…show more content…
The attack on Pearl Harbor had changed the common view of the Japanese as nearly supernatural fighters, and this new view instilled fear in Americans. The view also instilled with the Americans the belief that Japanese differed from them in more than just militant aspects, but also in basic aspects of humanity. Fear of the Japanese would lead the Americans to want extra assurances that the Japanese threat would end, and Americans would be safe. The idea that the Japanese were different than Americans and Europeans on a basic level would also encourage the use of the atomic bomb because the prospective murder of women, children, and other Japanese civilians would hold less meaning. Evidence of racism from one of the American leaders who had direct influence on Truman and the decision to use the atomic bomb could help prove the role of racism in the decision. Also, propaganda supporting the atomic bomb featuring racist elements would prove the role of…show more content…
I think that if the demand for unconditional surrender had been amended, the Japanese would have surrendered earlier, probably at least after the first atomic bomb was dropped. I don 't think they would have waited after the bomb was dropped if they had the option to keep their emperor. I think that if the surrender was offered and it still failed, a single atomic bomb would have been justified to save the lives of more Americans, but the second atomic bomb being dropped three days after the first one was not justified. The Japanese were barely given any time to react. I think our national perspective on this event has changed slightly since it happened. While we understand that the bombs were dropped in order to save thousands of American lives, we are not encumbered with the fear and prejudice that Americans at the time were, so the image of so many Japanese does not have the same effect on us as it did on Americans at the time, and we are also more able to sympathize more with the Japanese as we have more documents describing their experiences. From this event, we can learn that while atomic bombs are powerful and can end wars quickly, they should be dropped sparingly, and even if they are dropped to save the lives of fellow countrymen, they kill thousands of others. All lives should be accounted for during a war, and deaths should be minimized regardless of nation. There is always missing
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