The Pros And Cons Of The American Constitution

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Although the United States has been celebrated as a pioneering democracy, the nation’s constitution formulates a system of government that deviates from purely democratic principles. That is, when assessing the intentions of the framers, the Constitution’s calculated deviations from an absolute popular rule establishes a system of governance in which the security of American liberties is prioritized. Moreover, by examining the nuances of the Constitution from the framers’ lenses, the divergence from purely democratic ideals becomes all the more apparent. However, despite paving the road for democracies to come, emerging democracies around the world have broken away from the American system of governance outlined by the constitution through…show more content…
While ensuring sovereignty to individual states, the overwhelmingly weak initiative proved to endanger the nation as a rising democracy. Without a strong centralized government, the states’ loosely tied union resulted in a multitude of problems that contested the legitimacy of the nation as a new and free state. Shay’s Rebellion alone revealed the country’s inability to placate a legion of riled up debtors consisting of farmers. ** and also “ source that mentions that foreign threats were legitimate “ . **
Thus began the need for a new constitution . Adopting a new constitution would prove to be difficult, despite the general agreement over the Articles of Confederations being a failure. With the Constitution was unduly contested by those that desired a weak central government , fearing that the individual rights of the citizens would be dismissed . Fear of despotic rule, whether by multiple hands or one, pushed for the recognition and assurance of personal liberties and rights. Anti-federalists feared a republic would be However, Madison’s Federalist Paper 10 elucidates the dangers of an overly democratic government conducive of factions where the tyranny of the majority would present itself.

Before continuing a distinction between a democracy and republic needs to be
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