The Pros And Cons Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Casjemonet Hinton

Throughout history women have been giving birth to children to continue the circle of life. But what happens if it 's a teenager instead of a seasoned woman . Teenage pregnancy is a phenomenon that occurs when a female gives birth to a baby at a adolescent age ,typically someone who hasn 't completed core education or secondary education due to childbirth. Teenage pregnancy most often occurs in children between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. According to the CDC “...24.2 per 1,000 women in this age group give birth annually”. This shows how teenage pregnancy is still a significant issue in the united states . There is something that can be done to reduce the
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That shows about one fourth of the baby population was unplanned pregancies by teenageers . Because of these adolescent pregnancies it increases medical risk in the teenage mother like high blood pressure , premature labor and more . Not to mention a teenager that contracts a sexual transmited diesese while pregant can be vital to the unborn child . The unborn child can be born with birth defects such as poor growth , blindness , deafness , intellectual disabilities , bone deformities and more . According to Web.MD children born to teen mothers are 30% more likely to be a low birth weight baby and have a 50% higher rate of infant mortality than children born to mothers over 20 years…show more content…
Teenage prevention programs are organized to provide sexual education , contraceptive services ,motivational opportunities and related services . These programs can be implemented in every middle school and highschool courses to insure understanding . Contraceptive services should be provided to all students and teenagers starting at the age of 13 . This can give teens an incentive to practice safe sex. Teenage pregnancy counseling should be provided to teen mothers to push teens to complete school and beat poverty. “The Teenage prevention programs has reduced teen pregnancy by 35%” (greenhaven press 18) . And is still striving to reduce the pregnancy rate even lower
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