The Pros And Cons Of Teen Curfews On Teenagers

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Aurash Khajehnouri

AP English Language and Composition

Mr. Ring

7 April 2014

Teen Curfew

There is much controversy revolving around the idea of the government enforcing curfews on teenagers. Whether its the government or the parent thats enforce the curfew, many teenagers argue against it and fail to understand why its necessary. Although some believe that curfews will aid teens in staying out of crime, others believe that teens should be able to be trusted with staying out of trouble. Curfews have both benefits and drawbacks, and it should be discussed between parents and their children what time curfew should be. Also, a large disagreement regarding teen curfews is the idea that setting a curfew would be a threat to the liberties of teenagers and it would be an infringement of their parents' rights. Teenagers should have a curfew even if they are trusted by their parents because it helps establish discipline, teaches them that its not always possible to push boundaries, and keeps them out of potential danger and unwanted consequences.
One of the most compelling arguments for having teen curfews is that it ensures that they will be getting an adequate amount of sleep at night (Source A). If teenagers are coming home at two or three each night, there is no time for them to get a full night of quality sleep. Although sleep is vital to every human, it is especially vital to teenagers because they are still growing and they require that time at night to grow and re energize. Without proper amount of deep sleep, it is noticeably harder for people to function the next day because the brain needs that time to rest and regenerate. The suggested amount of sleep for teens is 9.5 hours, and although some may need that much sleep dur...

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...s, however they also question why theres only a curfew to keep teenagers safe. Many think that the safety of teens should not be placed higher than adults, and that there should be precautions to keep everyone safe, day and night.
Whether teens argue against having a curfew or not, its unquestionable that a curfew would affect them in a positive way. A curfew is not something parents inflict on their children to show their distrust, but rather a safety net set into effect in order to minimize any potential bad situations. Rather than arguing against having a curfew, teenagers should accept the fact that they have one and show responsibility by obeying it. Also, if teens do show responsibility and maturity while obeying the curfew, it would beneficial for them because their parents would be more likely to trust them in case they ever needed to extend their curfew.
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