The Pros And Cons Of Substance Abuse Treatments

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Drug use and abuse has become a common situation with today’s citizens. Drugs are more easily accessible today than they ever were in the past. The drug trend is frightening to say the least. From the legal substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, to the illegal substances, such as marijuana and cocaine, there has been an increase in their use amongst all ages of people. It seems that the ages of the users are getting younger as time goes by. Because of this trend there are more people addicted to substances and who need treatment. There are many treatment programs out there where people can go to get help with their addictions. Programs range from alcohol treatment to substance abuse treatments and detoxification processes. Unfortunately,…show more content…
Substance abuse treatments are offered in a variety of ways. Some treatments can be done on an outpatient basis, while others may require a stay in a hospital or other facility. The two types of treatments are similar in nature. The main difference is that outpatient treatment is offered to those addicts that have circumstances or situations that will not allow them to get treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation program. Outpatient programs provide patients with more freedom of movement which allows them to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and educational responsibilities. (Gifford, 2015). This service is also used for those that have already been a part of an inpatient rehabilitation program, yet still require some further support so they do not relapse. Both treatment types first seek to help the individual with their physical addiction and get them rehabilitated, and then focuses on the underlying causes of their addiction and help them deal with it to help prevent and avoid any relapse. Choosing which type of treatment is needed and which would best benefit the individual would need to be decided between the addict and their doctor or counselor. It is not a decision to be made lightly especially for those that need the extra care that an inpatient facility would…show more content…
They serve individuals that are in need of drug or alcohol addiction. They offer treatment programs for those who are suffering from alcoholism, chemical dependency, cocaine addiction, co-dependency, drug addiction, marijuana addiction and abuse, methamphetamine addiction, opiate addiction, substance abuse, and depression. Because of the area being mainly Hispanic, the clients are offered all services in Spanish. The center serves any walk-in that has a problem or dependency so clients’ nationality may

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