The Pros And Cons Of Steroids?

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Many athletes that are so much better than other average athletes are always subject to the question of “Are you on steroids?” Steroids have many slang terms such as roids, juice, pumpers, gym candy, and many other humorous names. There are many Pros and Cons to anabolic steroids. The biggest one is health risk and that can go on for a while, but we will start with how they say it is bad for your long term health and how it can keep you from having kids. They say it is bad for your health because people that took it back in the 80s abused it and didn’t know any better. It 's still a bad drug it 's just in the new day and age people have found a smarter more efficient way to take steroids, yet they still frown upon it. The FDA just contradicts themselves when they say…show more content…
In many males that take steroids have had an assumption that their penis has shrunk in size, but in actuality it isn’t the penis that shrinks, its the testicles, this is due to a dramatic decrease in sperm count which can obviously lead to a man being infertile. With all the many cons related to the drug, there are certain ways that can help people get stronger. There are supplements that you can purchase online at fitness websites that are a form of anabolic steroids, the only way they are legal is the amount of dosage that is in each pill. Also, many doctors and pediatricians use steroids for babies that may be undersized at birth to get them back to where they need to be with size, weight, etc. They frown upon the use of this drug cause they say it gives people an edge in sports but if they were in those people 's shoes they would understand that for how much coaches expect them to be all star athletes and put in the time day in and day out that taking those steroids makes it easier. It 's not the same as it was back in the 80s back in the day they took extreme amounts that made them look like greek
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