The Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells

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Over one million people currently use stem cell treatment. Stem cells are cells that haven’t been assigned a specific job in the body. The reason they are controversial is because the original way that stem cell were collected was by creating an embryo that had three sets of chromosomes, to maximize compatibility with multiple patients, and after about three days they collect the stem cells from the embryo which destroys the embryo in the process. Stem Cells can be used to cure otherwise incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease by repairing the damaged tissue in the brain or in the muscles. Stem cells can be used to cure incurable diseases but the lesser informed are afraid of it because they believe it will lead to cloning or killing babies to get more stem cells. Data is collected on stem cells by recording how fast the cells can shift into the desired cell or if the cell can shift into it at all and if there are any unwanted mutations such as cancer or discoloration. Research for stem cells started in the 1800s when scientist first discovered that cells were the building blocks of life. During the categorization of the different type of cells they realized that some of the cells could create different type of cells. “In 1981 the first in vitro stem cells were created” (Murnaghan). Now there are three different ways to get stem cells. The first one is embryonic stem cells these come from creating an embryo with three sets of chromosomes then waiting about three to seven days for the embryo to mature into a blastocyst then they would collect the stem cells from it. These stem cells can be used for mostly any purpose but are more controversial. The second one is adult stem cells. “These are collected b... ... middle of paper ... ... safely. There is also concern about grafting cells from the nervous system from one individual to another, not only because of the possibility of rejection, but also because of hidden diseases such as Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease. Stem cells can help most people with most diseases and even though there have been adverse effects in the past most of them have been resolved and now the cost of the treatment has been drastically lowered. As we modernize more and more accidents will happen and having a cure for things that are mostly considered incurable or unfixable would greatly increase people’s chances of living long and happy lives. The people of our nation need to encourage the use of stem cells and not hold back the progression of our society’s medical abilities. If our society continues to keep clinging to out dated beliefs we will never truly be able to advance.