The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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In the educational society today many ways to teach our children and have them get the most out of learning is up for debate. Each time the Department of Education has a meeting the topic of standardized testing and how it is working comes to the forefront. We have a mixed response and two sides that want the same thing but are not certain either way is right or necessary or even what is most important, actually helping the children. In our discussions we have found that as a team we are for and against standardized testing.
We want to begin with the standardized testing debate and how it affects the children. Standardized tests were created in hopes of improving education. Some of us really want to know if it really works. Tests must be given in order to determine what a student has learned and their level of development. Tests can determine what a teacher has taught his or her students. There is a certain level of accountability that both the teacher and the student must adhere to.
Standardized testing is a practical test for students, it is very explicit on the instructions, and teachers are saying it is fairly easy to administer. It is used to prepare students for college and all the testing skills they will need to survive exams on a college level. Standardized testing can offset grade inflation which means grades will stay equal in the schools and every school will have a fair advantage as far as comparing knowledge and aptitude. The whole objective is to have a test that is unbiased in grading and knowledge and gives each student the opportunity to excel.

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When parents meet with their child’s teacher, they are able to see how their child performed against other students in their state and even across the country, based on standardized tests results. Parents and schools alike can follow a student’s development over the years. Seeing if a student is improving, declining academically, or staying the same helps teachers and parents know what steps may be necessary for the advancement of the student’s education.
Even though the students are children they still may encounter severe amounts of pressure, students can grow weary of the repetitive and tedious nature of test preparation, and again a disengagement from the learning process. As parents and teachers we have to stand up to the educational system and help our children by fighting for what is right for them.
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