The Pros And Cons Of Spyware

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The First Amendment guarantees the Freedom of Speech, which means Americans have the right to say anything on their minds. A perfect example is Donald Trump exercises his rights by preaching that Arabs should be sent back to their “homes”. Even though, many people are against what Trump is preaching, one simply cannot tell him to “shut up,” and lock him away in prison because of disgust with his suggestions. Americans can, however, rally, protest, tweet, etcetera about disapproval. The first amendment gives the right to publish, petition, and peacefully assemble. Without its ideas, beliefs, and inventions would not prevail. One would not be able to freely express thoughts about anything and these would be suppressed by the government. Think…show more content…
Some parents might think that this is some sort of infringement on their privacy, but, for example, parents might not know if their 10 year-old kid is speaking to a pedophile that is claiming to be another 10 year-old. Bad situations can be avoided by monitoring what children are doing online. Harlan Coben, author of The Undercover Parent, suggested that parents use spyware. He does agree there will be hard times, for instance, if your son was viewing pornographic sites, you will be able to confront him if you believe it is worth the conversation. Some parents will speak to their child about viewing these sites and probably tell them that not all porn has violence; and the people that pose in those pornographic sites are expressing…show more content…
One has the right to say those things. One also has the right to publish pornographic material, however it must be between consenting adults. The First Amendment has assisted America to become a more developed nation. Nations like China are not even allowed to voice their displeasure with the government. One must deal with our own issues without forcing the government to interfere. Derek Bok, writer of the essay Protecting Freedom of Expression on Campus, discussed the issue that universities have been struggling to resolve by syncretize racial tension and guaranteed rights. Harvard dealt with two students that hung Confederate flags in public view this action upset their fellow peers who, associated the flag with slavery. A third student tried to protest the actions of the other students by displaying a swastika. Some students argued that the university requires the students to remove the symbols, however others argued that these symbols are a form of free speech and should be protected. Under the Supreme Court’s ruling, the display of swastikas or Confederate flags are protected in the Free-Speech clause of the First Amendment, and cannot be banned because it offends someone. This ruling applies to all agencies of government, including public universities. It is unclear to what extent private university

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