The Pros And Cons Of Spices

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We 've all heard the old saying, "You are what you eat," but artery disease, diabetes, strokes and many cancers continue to be on the rise, dispite research, experimental and epidemiological studies linking all of these problems to poor diet (Rudrappa 2015). Obesity rates are advancing across the globe, especially in industrialized countries, with children the newest group to be affected. There is no single, simple solution to this expanding problem, but returning to more traditional cooking practices, as well as culinary herbs and spices would certainly be a start. Spices have been essential in food preparation and preservation for centuries. Arab and European traders spread and popularized many that we still value today, even using them as a form of currency. Not only were they prized for their taste, but for their vital, medicinal qualities. The anti-inflammatory and curative properties of herbs and spices were well known in ancient medicine, as well as their benifits to digestion, such as anti-flatulence, detoxification and the ability to control worm infestations (Rudrappa 2015). Unfortunately, important cooking skills and knowledge have be lost, as many families move towards processed, convenience foods. But, once you start on the road to reclaim these ancient treasures, you will will never want to go back! Since antiquity, there…show more content…
The root of the health and nutritional benefits of culinary herbs and spices can be found in their phytonutrient value, just as they are in all plant matter, which is why the consumption of fruits and vegetables are so important

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