The Pros And Cons Of Social Networking

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In the world we live in today there is two different interpretations for social network. The word social means socializing or talking with others and the word network means a group or system of interconnected people. While the definition of these two word separately remain the same, when they are put together it brings on two different meanings. Some people think that social network is the personal connection that is made with others thru verbal communication and it establishes a link that attaches one person with another. On the other hand, some people consider social network as a way to communicate with other via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while not being in close range. As time goes by and easier ways of communication surface through technology the way of socializing and creating contact with each other changes. The link that attaches people with each other is almost no longer personal, but just a mere online connection. There are many advantages in social networking sites like being able to connect with other quicker from…show more content…
Being able to access social media thru smartphones drastically changes the way people communicate throughout the whole world. Social media helps build closer relations thanks to the ability to share things people like or do not like and concerns and thoughts, something that a lot of people are uncomfortable do in person. For example, Facebook gives users the opportunity to share their personal likes and dislikes with their Facebook friends. According to Oscar Kimanuka “These little tidbits have opened up a whole new world of conversational opportunities when we see our friends in person.” By posting on social media users give their friends a topic to discuss when they see each other in person, wheatear it’s to agree or disagree on the issue. There are a lot of positive aspect from social media that allows us to communicate in better
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