The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Cigarettes

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If a loved one died around you due to a smoking addiction, how would you feel knowing that E-cigarettes could have helped him quit? Smoking is a huge problem that some people have to deal with everyday. It’s an addiction that isn’t easily broken by most people. Not only is it a problem among adults, but some teenagers become trapped at a young age and make it harder for them to quit as well. E-cigarettes were introduced to help people quit smoking in a safe and effective way. E-cigarettes should be regulated to help any smokers, young or old, to quit smoking, safely and effectively. The health benefits and potential to quit smoking is something that shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked. Regulating the E-cigarettes at a younger age can help teens change and help them quit smoking before it really affects them as they grow up.…show more content…
Indirectly affected are the people around this smoker because there is no more smell and there is no secondhand smoke. It’s more healthy for the smoker and the people around that smoker, and gives a more clean environment especially when kids are around. The secondhand smoke could be potentially deadly for a baby or small child that is around and cause them to have problems when they grow older. I don’t know anyone who could live with the fact that their secondhand smoke were the cause of harm to an infant. Switching to an E-cig can be extremely beneficial to everyone and help cut back on pollution from

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