The Pros And Cons Of Smartphones In Education

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According to an article from the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone today. As this statistic continues to rise, more and more aspects of our lives will be impacted in irreversible ways. Consequently, the incorporation of smartphones into daily life is being fought on some fronts, including that of education. There exists a significant rift within individual educational systems on how smartphones should, or should not, be used in academic facilities. Conclusions from research found throughout the different academic disciplines are not fully agreeing with each other. Therefore, I propose to examine how these different disciplinary perspectives affect the rhetorical strategies of scholars researching how…show more content…
Everything changed when Apple introduced the first generation iPhone. Since the release of the first iPhone, Apple has led the other companies by setting examples with technological innovation and consumer-friendly products. Smartphones are now immensely widespread and they are penetrating other areas of our lives whether we like it or not. One area, in particular, is the academic facilities we attend, work at, and fund. Smartphones have consequently proven to impact schools in both positive and negative ways, leaving school systems with a tough choice to…show more content…
They each take a distinct stance on the issue because they research and convey it in different ways. As far as language goes, the article from the social sciences, “Impacts of Smartphone’s on Society,” and the article from the natural sciences, “The Effect of Carpal Tunnel Changes on Smartphone Users,” are both filled with passive voice. Alternatively, the article from the humanities, “Using Smartphones to Supplement Classroom Reading,” is written in active voice with little to no passive voice. The writing style shows fairly similar comparisons to the use of language within the articles. “Impacts of Smartphone’s on Society” and “The Effect of Carpal Tunnel Changes on Smartphone Users” are both written articulately with “The Effect of Carpal Tunnel Changes on Smartphone Users” being slightly more formal. “Using Smartphones to Supplement Classroom Reading,” on the other hand, is much more readable than the other two sources which is expected from writings in the humanities

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