The Pros And Cons Of Sexual Addiction

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I recently took a sociology class last winter where we discussed this question. This is a very tough and controversial question to answer, however through knowledge and experience from close friends, I will definitely say that it is probable to develop feelings, therefore it is hard to maintain a no strings attached relationship. In many movies one night stands and friends with benefits are shown among college students, people who are not looking for a relationship and would rather have fun with someone who does not take relationships and sex serious as others do. No matter what you tell your self that you will not develop feeling for that person or it is strictly for fun, in time you will. By spending time, having conversations and sex you will see whether that person has potential for you. You may not tell the person about those…show more content…
Sexual addiction is any aggressive thoughts of sex in regard to one’s thought and action. It is even more dangerous when someone acts on his or her urges and cause harm on someone. Cases relating to sexual addiction is shown in tv shows such as CSI Miami or Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It allows to viewers to learn about the dangerous side of sex and how to protect others and themselves. I personally watch these television shows because I am very much interested in death, blood and all the weird stuff in life. Yes, I think that sex addiction is a real disorder, many may disagree but here it why I say it is. Sex is everywhere, in songs, pictures and so on. As the model world says “sex sells” and the same goes for music. Many sex addicts may blame women or what happening at the particular moment on their actions. Truth is, as adults one should be able to respect others and their space. If one has urges that are not normal about sex then he or she should seek help as soon as
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