The Pros And Cons Of Sexism

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It was difficult for me to choose a gender norm violation to perform, but while I began working at my new restaurant job in September after knowing about the gender norm assignment, I decided to take the position of opening the door for customers. Usually the male hosts were assigned this job, however I spoke with my manager about being assigned this position for a few shifts. The gender norm that I was violating was holding the door open for male customers, and I was particularly interested in their reactions. This violation was especially apparent to me when an elder man refused to let me hold the door open for him even though it was my job. He asked me if my job was ‘door opener’ and when I told him it was, he responded with “a pretty woman like you should not be holding open the doors.…show more content…
He has learned to hold the door open for females from society, which may have affected other manners and gender norms he has learned. Although he may not have intended to be sexist, this man was displaying benevolent sexism. Benevolent sexism may appear more respectful than hostile sexism, but it is still viewing individuals through a stereotype or schema (Sapiro 88). Although benevolent sexism is less aggressive and less noticeable than hostile sexism, it still limits women’s opportunities (Sapiro 88). Benevolent sexism is displayed by this elder man because he is saying that women are too fragile or pretty to open doors, which may appear as a compliment at first but is actually diminishing women’s abilities. This elder man has been taught by society that males are more physically capable of opening doors, even though I am younger and possibly even stronger than
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