The Pros And Cons Of Screen Addiction

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Breaking the Cycle The majority of Americans today communicate through email, text message, or social media. It is no longer common to get phone calls, or even to communicate face-to-face with some family members and friends. It is not unusual to go to a local park and see several parents relaxing on a bench, phone in hands, glancing up occasionally at their playing children. In the current generation, people are using their phones or computers more often than they are not. Does this take away from the relationships between loved ones? There should be an effort made by adults, particularly parents, to spend less time online or texting, and more time playing and speaking with children. Parents spending too much time using technology,…show more content…
Screen addiction could be characterized by the inability to go more than a few minutes away from a phone, the need to receive attention via the internet rather than through in-person relationships, and/or the loss of relationships due to excessive technology use. With that said, there is no concrete answer as to what screen addiction is, only that it is a growing problem. An essay published by Messenger Inquirer stated that “It is easy to scoff at the idea of internet addiction, which is not officially recognized as a disorder by the United States. Medical science has yet to diagnose precisely what is going on in the brains of the addicted, and there is no clear definition of what entails an internet addiction. Yet a growing number of parents and experts say addiction to screens is becoming a major problem for many young Americans, causing them to drop out of school, withdraw from their families and friends, and complain of deep anxieties in social settings” (Messenger Inquirer). The essay went on to say that parents need to teach their children how to limit time spent using technology. It’s important that parents set a good example for their kids, especially during the formative…show more content…
There are many kid-friendly shows, movies, applications, and games. There are also tablets made just for kids. While screen time for children can be very educational and beneficial in moderation, it is important to limit this time just as adults should. Children should mostly learn through real-world play. Murphy also stated, “Play is a way of life – a school of education – an open forum for the display of art and grace where the opportunity to play is granted” (121). Limiting the time children spend using technology is one way to shape good life habits early. There are many things parents could do to limit their own screen time and instead spend that time with their children. Perhaps screen time could truly be free time, and be used only when the kids are away, sleeping, or having their own screen time. Another option for moderating screen time would be setting a block of time aside every day where no technology is allowed to be used. Reducing the time parents usually spend on their phone, especially for screen-addicted parents, could tremendously improve the relationships within

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