The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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Same sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues happening in the world today. The time has come to think on a deeper level and grasp that a wedding is a ceremony to give ourselves to the one we love. These marriages can happen because we live in a great country that gives us personal freedom. In no other place are citizens promised justice and the pursuit of happiness, but, a growing percentage of our population is not fairly represented. Homosexual people deserve the same respect, dignity, love, and rights as anyone else. They should not be denied a formal relationship. It is in no way wrong to be gay and people do not recognize the extent of negativity gay or lesbian people must endure.
America is the land of the free, but we are not free to marry whoever we want. We are equals in this world despite any race and cultural background we may carry. Why should we become unequal based off sexual orientation? Being gay or lesbian is not a choice. The choice is whether they are brave enough to come out. Some people believe that being gay or lesbian is a choice that can easily be changed. Some believe that it is inborn and it cannot be changed. It is not changeable; it is who they are. They should just be accepted, no matter who they love or what sex they choose. In most religions same sex preferences are a sin and frowned upon. Some agree on procreation to repopulate the world, but are against homosexuals adopting children contrary to the fact they cannot procreate on their own. If this is a legitimate argument then only people who are fertile and want to procreate should be able to get married according to this statement.
Same sex couples are discriminated against and generally don’t have the same rights as others. In mo...

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...possible. We can overcome the boundaries hindering gay marriages and straight marriages alike. Legalizing homosexual marriage is vital for consolidating our country’s principles. All gay couples’ absence is a lawful promise to each other. Conventionally, weddings are between a man and a woman, but our world is changing daily as it is growing. We are taught that even if we don’t agree, to respect others and their principles.
In America every day is spent utilizing the freedoms we’ve been granted. It is our duty to implant equality in every aspect of life. Accommodating and valuing differences in certain topics are what all Americans are capable of. On our wedding day, we shouldn’t have to fear that our choice is satisfactory to our government. There should be no thought that your marriage is not as significant as others. It is our obligation to legalize gay marriage.
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