The Pros And Cons Of Recycling

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Dealing with waste can be very difficult to do when there are 7 billion people in the world and out of all these people America supports about 365 million of those people. According to an article on Forbes magazine the United States contributes about thirty percent of the world’s waste, places like Japan also are contribute quite a bit of recyclable waste. Recyclable waste is just that wasting there are many things that people use and throw away on a daily bases that could be recycled, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, tin cans, card board glass and etc. This list could go on for quite some time so let’s put the foot down and talk about recycling. Recycling what am I talking about the definition of recycling is to convert waste to reusable material so how can you contribute to this? Let’s start with the simple stuff aluminum cans there are so many places to take aluminum cans and many places pay for these cans. Around Poplar Bluff there are two places…show more content…
By recycling metals you can save energy, money and the environment. Here’s the thing metal is not grown it doesn’t pop up in rows it’s a resource that can be used up. In order to obtain metal first it has to be mined which in this form is called ore, then it is smelted and purified. This process alone can create a lot of pollution and can be very wasteful. Wasting Metal just throwing it away is probably one of the most hazardous and costly waste that a person can create. Some metal contains lead which in the state of California is known to cause cancer secondly the process to make metal is time consuming. As listed above metal can be taken to scrap yards to be recycled not hard to do. Load it up take to a scrap yard unload and get paid and get out. By recycling metal you are doing you and everyone else a great service. You help the environment by not allowing it to absorb hazardous waste such as lead. And you don’t let a precious resource go to
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