The Pros And Cons Of Reading

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Being raised by a teacher has definitely come with a couple of cons. The constant nagging to do my work, the unavoidable trips to open house that my mom always seems to know about and the constant grade check ups contributed to her teaching persona. But along with the occasional academic checks up came a great range of expertise and unique tactics to help me learn. Because of all of the tips and tricks along with her consistent nagging, I was able to develop into a strong reader and writer at a young age. From around when I was seven years old, my mom would check out instructional books from her school that were a couple grade levels above mine and have me read a couple pages every night. Some nights, I would hate the idea of reading and after…show more content…
This kept me even more devoted to my reading habits and allowed me to pursue them through middle school when I made the jump from 300-400 page books to 700-800 page novels. Middle school was my era of being obsessed with fiction books. I loved books that were recreated through movies like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games just as much as I loved books that I could relate to. However, books with a relatable factor always tended to be my favorite. This was mainly because I loved the idea of living vicariously through someone 's life. One of my favorite series is the Clique series which is about a group of popular girls navigating through high school. I started this these books in elementary school and reread them all throughout high school and though I was reading about arbitrary things like fighting over boys or crazy holiday parties the entertainment from this series possessed me to find more pleasure books. At the same time, this entertainment buzz quickly turned from a consistent means to continue to strengthen my literacy to me lugging my book to every class and reading instead of paying attention. Consequently, my teachers started to notice I was no longer listening to them and began taking my books and at first, this only fueled my stubborn nature and…show more content…
Little did I know that the start of high school caused for not only the shift from fiction to nonfiction books, something I never really enjoyed, but also dull and repetitive writing prompts we constantly had to elaborate on. Though I still enjoyed writing, reading quickly changed from a source of enjoyment to constant work and long hours unengaged. I remember the first book I was assigned to read in high school was To Kill a Mockingbird. After reading the first few chapters, I realized I wasn 't thrilled by the book at all and after a long struggle trying to understand that story, I did not attempt to read another full book through my whole high school experience. I feel that this was partly because I had no time with all the tedious schoolwork and extra boring books. Sparknotes quickly became my partner in crime and with this website, regardless of the fact that I literally never read any of my books, I managed to maintain at least a B on my reading test and that was enough for me to not consider reading
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