The Pros And Cons Of Punishment: Discipline And Abuse

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Is it Discipline or Abuse? When does discipline becomes abuse? What is the line between them? Although with decades of research on physical child abuse there is little known about the line between physical punishment and actual abuse in the United State. Some would say to not spank your child, because they can't understand what you are doing. When you discipline your child, you should consider their age and what they did before you discipline them. Most definitions of child abuse and neglect are very general in nature and include all forms of maltreatment. Physical abuse has been defined as cruelty to children, with allegations of a specific individual knowingly and willfully inflicting unnecessarily severe corporal punishment or physical suffering upon the child. Physical…show more content…
As with all the forms of correction, the concepts of punishments and discipline are absolute opposites. Punishment is motivated by anger, focuses on the past, and results in wither compliance or rebellion and feeling of shame, guilt and hostility. But on the other hand, discipline is motivated by love for the child, focus on the future, and have results of obedience and feeling of security. Parents want their children to understand that the gentle sting of a spanking is connected to the greater and often long-term pain of harmful choices. A child should always receive a clear warning before any offense that might merit a spanking and understand why they are receiving the spanking. As Jared Pingleton says in his article; “Parenting is a hard job. None of us do it perfectly. And to make it even more challenging, none of our kids come with an instruction manual attached. But our children need us to do it to the best of our ability, with all the wisdom, love, gentleness and strength we can muster. We won’t go wrong if we exercise a firm and consistent hand with a soft and loving

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