The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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There are movies, TV shows and songs in popular culture that portray the world of prostitution as blissful sex, money, drugs, alcohol and endless partying. Not only are prostitutes mocked and ridiculed for their job by society, but they are also dehumanized and neglected. Prior to working on the streets, most prostitutes have been taken advantage of, brainwashed and groomed for the occupation. Many believe that prostitution is a choice. Contrary to the popular belief, we find the cruel reality where nearly all prostituted women lack the luxury of choosing to engage in the business, but rather have been forced or coerced against their will.
The average age of entry into prostitution, in the United States, is between 12 and 14 years old. Most of the prostituted individuals represent cases of human trafficking. Pimps and traffickers are notorious for their use of deceptive behaviors and promises to lure children and young people into the industry. Despite of the force and coercion, prostitutes are the ones facing the consequences of the reckless actions and desires of others. It is evident that the prosecution disproportionately affects those it should protect.
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These startling statistics depict the vulnerability and abuse these individuals are experiencing. Their pimps have conditioned them to despise and fear law enforcement. When they are apprehended time and time again, that conditioning is reinforced. This causes tension and mistrust in the victims, creating a disconnection between them and the police. As law enforcement, their job should not be to incarcerate the victims. Instead, they should be trained to acknowledge cases of trafficking, to locate the suppliers and to leading the victims to
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