The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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This report will discuss the disadvantages of prostitution and cites the reasons why it should not be legitimated. For the past decades, the number of “sex workers” or prostitutes had significantly grown since many customers have patronized their services. Prostitution cannot be considered as legitimate means to earn an income due to health hazards and morality issues. There will be a discussion on the harmful effects of prostitution such as the rising incidence of sexually transmitted infections. Prostitution is also referred to as a form of human trafficking, which permits the market demand for sex to the consumers’ satisfaction. It also promotes inequality of gender and racial discrimination. Finally, there will be an explanation why prostitution is considered as a form of violence that is willfully blind to the source of its supply.

According to Post (2011), legalized prostitution cannot exist in conjunction with the real notion of equality for women. The notion that women is to made accessible in order to satisfy the sexual needs of men only supports structural inequality of gender, class, and race. Further, legalizing prostitution is considered as a violation of international law. The act of prostitution undermines the human rights norm, which demands that the dignity of the person should be respected and promotes equality for all. The idea is that if prostitution will be normalized, prostitutes as released from the stigma of such profession and society can treat commercial sex as any other commercial transaction (Liberto, 2009).
Legalized or decriminalized prostitution industries have become the major causes of sex trafficking (Raymond, 2003). Accordi...

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...g or legalizing prostitution will result to the normalization and regulation of practices that will qualify as human rights violations (Datta & Post, 2013). The act of the state in legalizing and supporting the violent acts of direct participants of prostitution holds it responsible and accountable for possible crimes that may be suffered by the victims in the future. Prostitution is a dangerous job, and the State is duty-bound to fight for the elimination of harmful conditions to promote the health and safety of the workers. The danger cannot be removed in prostitution if it will be changed to a legitimate profession since the act of prostitution is the harm itself (Datta & Post, 2013). Therefore, it shall be the duty and obligation of the State to uphold and respect the dignity and human rights of each individual by prohibiting the legalization of prostitution.
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