The Pros And Cons Of Procrastination

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It’s the middle of the day, you were given an english essay to write and a set of math problems to complete. Neither are due tomorrow, or even this week actually, so you decide to put it off until later. With the ten hours of the day remaining, you decide to take a nap, wake up to eat, then endlessly scroll down Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sorts of social media until it’s time for bed. The next day, much like yesterday, is again wasted by not making any progress on either assignments. For the next few days, it continues: the procrastination. On the day before both assignments are due, you realize you have not even written the heading on your essay and have not even looked at the set of math problems. You realize, “Tonight is not…show more content…
According to Rebecca Klein from the Huffington Post, “Approximately 87 percent of [the 13,000 polled students] said they procrastinate on school assignments.” Many of which spend their time on social media and watching television (Huffington Post). Procrastinating is the action of delaying or postponing any action and similarly, a college student defines it as putting off an assignment until the very last possible moment to complete it. As a result of procrastination, students often pull all nighters in order to finish their assignment, which then causes a massive amount of preventable stress. Additionally, the quality of the work may not reach its full potential and will result in a lower grade because of the lack of time that was allotted, which also could have been preventable. Due to this, students may potentially fail because they will experience difficulty in keeping up with their school work. Procrastination stems from the bad habit of being lazy, but much like any other habit, it is extremely difficult to break out of it because of how accustomed students grow into it over time. In order to break free from this detrimental routinely act, one must get a grip of themselves, focus their mind on what is important, and eliminate all unnecessary distractions. By breaking free from their unhealthy habit of procrastination, students will surely perform better in their academics in order to achieve
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