The Pros And Cons Of Privatization Of War

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When considering which threat or risk is the most important concern of the nation today, many ideas popped into my mind. To begin with, one of the first topics I considered was violence against women. Many women today, regardless of one’s race, economic background, educational background, etc, face violence in some way, whether it be as a result of prostitution, violence from one’s spouse, sexual assault and rape, verbal abuse, and countless other heinous ways. As women account for approximately half of the population, I decided this is an important topic but not one I necessarily wanted to write my essay on. Next, I considered military spending and the use of privatization in war. The United States spends more in military spending (in billions)…show more content…
Privatization of war is also an issue as companies make decisions based off money and greed instead of considering the well-being of the whole country, as their decisions affect the whole country. While I consider this a major issue, a different topic caught my mind, a topic I decided was a major issue all across the country: discrimination faced by homosexuals, specifically involving the idea that homosexuals cannot get married in all…show more content…
For example, some argue that without both a mother and a father in a child’s life, a child would lack the emotional care from a mother or the proper role model of what a man should be like from a father (FRC 2014). While a woman does typically play the nurturing role in a heterosexual relationship, this does not mean a man is not capable of providing such intimacy. Individuals have unique backgrounds, personalities, attitudes, and other characteristics that play a role in what type of parent he or she will be. Just because a couple consists of two females or two males does not mean children of these couples will lack the care that a heterosexual couple would

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