The Pros And Cons Of Privacy Online

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Privacy is used to remain anonymity while online. While browsing online, there are lots of things that your personal information can be exposed to in the online world and there are lots of different ways to prevent this from happening. I will be discussing if it is truly possible to remain private online while using the internet effectively. Certain methods of remaining anonymous online will have different difficulties in order to follow them, I will take this into account when I am analysing my findings as not everyone who wishes to remain private online is going to be computer literate. I will also take into account that the internet is accessed through a range of devices (mobiles, tablets, and desktop PCs) so I will focus on remaining private…show more content…
This is because there is an extensive amount of software available on all devices that enables you to hide your location, communicate securely, hide your web activity, cover your digital footprints, securely encrypt your files, hide your IP address, and finally secure other devices that are foreign to you. However, such privacy is not easy to come by and may be difficult to set up and use. This is why only some people can expect to have privacy while online as long as they have the knowledge to do so, for everyone to remain private online more tutorials need to be on the internet to help people remain private and stay safe from hackers and white collar criminals. Also, security software such as VPN software includes technical difficulties which change the language of your browser as it locates you to a different country, and can greatly slow down connection speeds. Proxy servers can also be costly to use in order to boost connection speeds. Encrypting emails are not practical because the recipient needs to have an encryption key in order to open and respond to messages which means you would have to attain their keys before sending any messages. Staying private online also comes with its drawbacks and greatly reduces user efficiency as some programs are not user friendly, and connection speeds can be slow. This draws me to a conclusion that it is possible to stay completely private while online, but it takes great difficulty and requires adept skills in security, which is why most people are not able to achieve this sense of