The Pros And Cons Of Privacy

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1415 words

People tend to believe that everything on their social media accounts are private and controllable by their privacy controls alone. Privacy is a misconception because social networks are never completely private. Outsiders can gain some access to a user’s personal information through websites, including hackers, identity thieves, advertisers and employees of the network. Several social network sites have ways for consumers to protect themselves from an average user without coding or hacking capabilities. They typically provide their users the ability to set privacy settings. This means that the individual can add, or block anyone from viewing their account. Also the individual is capable of limiting the access to specific photos, or posts on …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that privacy is a misconception because social networks are never completely private and hackers, identity thieves, advertisers, and employees can gain access to users' personal information.
  • Describes how they became a part of the temporary social media fad, myspace, when they were growing up.
  • Explains that their mother had rules when it came to their myspace account; it had to be set as a private account with family as their only friends. they didn't even want to add friends with the looks of their profile.
  • Describes how their mother allowed them to add their friends from school and change the way their profile looked. the butterflies and flowers remained as the screensaver, but the carebear changed into a selfie.
  • Explains how their mom warned them of the dangers of adding random people on social media. they only added people they knew personally.
  • Describes how they received a friend request from their best friend, jefferson, who was on punishment for having myspace. after expressing their feelings, they instant-messaged back and forth about their classmate.
  • Describes how their friends and peers stared blankly at them as if they were speaking a foreign language. the silence that swept the room was not broken until mere said, "the principal came in looking for you!"
  • Narrates how they noticed familiar faces mugging them through the cracks between the blinds in the window. the principal explained her disappointment, the mother continually bashed me, and called me a bully.
  • Explains that jefferson never made a new myspace after his punishment and that he had proof of that. their mother warned them about fake profiles, pedophiles, hackers, and the school called her to give attention to the situation.
  • Explains that there is not a mass awareness of privacy deficiencies or risks because people don't read the terms of social media agreements. individuals trade in their privacy for the simple fact of using the website services for free.

Although I was able to make my profile, my plan of using it to socialize with my friends backfired. I didn’t even want to add my friends with the looks of my profile. It would’ve been social suicide. From glancing at my page, there would be no doubt about it -to anyone who view it- that I was a child. Glittery pink butterflies and flowers were my screensaver, a yellow Carebear holding a bright rainbow against his chest was my profile picture, and a Kidz Bop version of “Hips Don’t Lie” was my background music. Even at the cost of things, at least I was still able to say I had a Myspace …show more content…

My mom well informed me of the dangers of adding random people. She used scare tactics by sharing real stories from the news of young girls around my age who experienced negative issues with hackers, fake profiles, and pedophiles. Her scare tactics put fear in me, so I only added people I knew personally. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I did not even socialize as much as I played games on my page. The only people who I ever messaged were my two best friends Mere and Jefferson, who made new Myspace accounts every month. Neither of them were allowed to have an account, so it was nothing new when their old account would be gone and a new one would add

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