The Pros And Cons Of Preventing Bullying

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For years now, bullying has been a big issue in children and adults’ lives. An estimate, of 3.2 million students each year are victims of bullying (“Bullying facts” 1). There are many types of bullying, which we need to find a way to prevent it. “About seventeen percent of people are physically abused, thirty percent of people are verbally abused, and twenty-five percent of adolescents and teens have been cyber bullied through cell phones or through the Internet” (“About” 12). Bullying is wrong, and will cause negative effects on victim’s lives. No matter what the type of bullying, we can prevent it by getting professional help and reporting the situation to authority. Bullying is an unwanted, and an aggressive way for bullies to gain power…show more content…
Authority is anyone with higher power of someone. Authority could be your school counselor, teachers, parents, police officers, or any caring adult to help the situation. By telling authority they have the upper hand to stop the situation from getting worse. Most bullies will not listen to their peers on what they have to say, but they will most likely listen to anyone that has the power over them. Reporting also includes getting support through local child protection services agencies, community centers, churches, physicians, mental health facilities and schools. By using all of these ways to prevent bullying it will make every ones lives easier and safer for children, teens, and adolescents. There are so many ways to prevent bullying and get help if needed. People should not feel like they are on their own and no one is on their side. There is always that person that can help comfort you and make you feel better in the situation. Take the power out of the bullies’ hands and hand it over to people who are in authority. There are many ways of getting help from bullying, instead of keeping it to yourself. Hurting yourself is a wrong way of solving your issues and it can cause more damage. People should do what is right and make the world a better place by not bullying

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