The Pros And Cons Of Prescription Advertising

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According to an Apr. 2013 survey, 68% of doctors agree that prescription drugs are marketed before safety profiles can be known (Meyer). Theses ads use manipulation and distract the viewer from the potential harms of the medication. For example, the ads for Humira, a drug to help cure psoriasis, uses propaganda to sell its product. Although they do mention all the possible side effects, including death, they do so while a woman in the background looks happy and so confident that it almost makes people ignore what they are saying. Prescription ads promote drugs before long-term safety information is known. Although prescription ads inform people about possible treatment, it ultimately can be harmful to the consumer’s health because the effects…show more content…
“Drug company propaganda techniques are extremely sophisticated, leveraging advanced techniques to change the medical landscape. It’s big business for them — US spending on prescription drugs jumped from $40 billion in 1990 to $234 billion in 2008 — but bad business for you” (3 Drug Company Propaganda Techniques). These ads don’t care about the people’s heath they just want money because it is nothing but a business to them. “The ads have a strong propaganda angle — happy, healthy people who’ve found that the one thing they’ve needed in life actually came in the form of a pill. This pill. The pill you need to “ask your doctor about” at your next appointment” (3 Drug Company Propaganda Techniques). Prescription drug ads find a way to attract people, especially the people that suffer from the diseases that the “pill” claims to cure. It is only natural for people to want to look and feel their best and these ads are taking advantage of…show more content…
Also people see the ads as a way to give people possible diseases they might have, therefore believe they need the medication, but that should be up to a medical professional to diagnose you and treat you. For example, “Procrit is a drug used to counteract anemia and can be used to help chemotherapy patients with fatigue” (Ventola). Prior to the ad campaign the drug was rarely prescribed because chemotherapy patients were not reporting fatigue caused by the chemotherapy to their doctors. Yet after seeing the ad patients started to report fatigue (Ventola). Prescription drug ads make people paranoid about their health and provide them with a solution they do not
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