The Pros And Cons Of Plagiarism

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Ways of plagiarizing before & now and the originality behind In today’s world plagiarism is taking over every academic institution in the United States. It’s defined as copying and stealing ideas, photos, and videos without giving credits to the author. Nowadays, people, especially college students have a lack of originality in their works because they rely on other’s idea or simple copying. There many ways why students before and now plagiarize and make it seem original, such as they finding someone else’s words will make their work better, and they will get a higher score on their assignments. Also, they were never encouraged or learn how to be originals during High School. We all heard our parents or professors talk about the benefits…show more content…
But, the problem is that High School teachers don’t worry about if a student plagiarizes or not, they don’t pay attention to that. They only look for a good work that satisfied the level of writing in college, and any student develops their writing and thinking skills. That’s why nowadays college students are struggling with the temptation not to plagiarize, and especially first-year students. These students are in the transition from High School, where the consequences of plagiarism were none to College where is the opposite because, is a crime which can get you kicked out of college, not being able to earn a degree, and failing the class. Personally, right now I’m going through this because I am transitioning from High School. During High School every time that I was struggling with homework I always used to look for help on the internet, just copy from it. Sometimes I used to put thing “in my own words, ” but with internet’s ideas, I never get caught because High School teachers don’t take the time to analyze their students work entirely. Besides in college, nowadays professors have programs and the internet to find out if we…show more content…
Indeed, the ways and the consequences of plagiarism before and now are extremely differents. Before it was something almost unnoticed but nowadays that have great outcomes like not be able to earn a degree. And all this start in middle school and High School years, because teachers are not worried about their students work neither to teach them to develop their own way of thinking. Instead, they only worry about a perfect work/ essay without even know worried to learn they way of writing of each of their students. That’s why students are not learning how to be originals with their work, and they decide to use someone else’s ideas, and not give credits to the author. Because some High School teachers don’t teach their students how to use a resource, and rightly give credits to the authors. That’s why it is better to teach the students how not to plagiarize in High School because the consequences in the college of this crime have an adverse impact on the rest of our
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