The Pros And Cons Of Pidgin Language

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Are bilingual island children retarded? That is what Madorah E. Smith claims in an article she wrote in 1939 (Kane, 36 & 37). Lisa Kanae wrote a book called “Sista Tongue”, in it she talks about how the Pidgin language came about in Hawaii and the stigma that comes along with speaking it. She also says it is thriving because, “ The necessity for resistance.”(Kanae, 53). Pidgin was the outcome of multiple cultures coming together and developing a way to communicate. Now it stereotypes and segregates the people that use it. The article written by Smith fits into “Sista Tongue” because Kanae familiarizes the reader about Hawaiian history and the diversity people face from the many different cultures that are on Hawaii. She talks…show more content…
It allows teacher and student interactions, group discussion, and student collaboration, but it provides an outlet for cyber bullying, a distraction in class, and students are missing out on face-to-face communication skills. Social media allows shy and quiet students to have a voice. Students that do not have the courage to raise their hand in class are given an opportunity to answer questions and share their ideas through social media. Students that normally would not collaborate in class find it easier to communicate with each other over electronic devices; however, that communication can also become negative. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter provides students the opportunity to cyber bully other students. “Instructors who use social media as part of their course activities should be aware of potential dangers….’By intervening at minor behaviors, we can stop more severe negative behaviors’” (Lederer, para 9). Cyber bullying is not just middle school or high school behavior, it is also happening at college campuses. A study conducted at Indian State University found, “22 percent of college students admit to being harassed online. Of this group 25 percent report they were bullied through a social networking site” (Lederer, para 9). As with texting that was mentioned earlier, social media also interrupts face-to-face

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