The Pros And Cons Of Parenting Parents

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On my 16th birthday, I passed for my drivers’ license test and began driving my beloved PT Cruiser. 2 year ago, my cousin passed her test and received her psychologist license. Now, my sorority sisters are studying to pass the bar exam. All of these activities require licenses because they greatly impact the quality of a person’s life. Parenting is potentially harmful to not only the child but to others as well. Hugh LaFollete raises and analyzes the possibilities of requiring parents to receive licenses. The debate question that LaFollete argues is: should the state require all parents to be licensed? While many would say no to the state having a hand in their child’s rearing, LaFollete position in regards to the debate question is affirmative.…show more content…
The first objection is that there is not an adequate rubric of what a good parent is. The idea of a good parent is very objective to the person analyzing the parent.The second objections is that there is not a sound way to predict who will abuse their children and and who would not abuse or mistreat their children. It would only make the the idea of licensing parents unjust and invalid (Lafollette 318). The third objection is that the theoretical test to determine who would be a good parent would unintentionally misused by the administrators. The reason behind this objection is that people make mistakes with everything we do and that the wrong person could be given a parenting license while the right parent could be denied the license. The fourth objection is the test would be intentionally abused by the administrators. For example, a person could be denied or given a license based on how the administrator feels towards them. The fifth and final objection is that it would be difficult to effectively enforce such a program.It would mean wither taking away children from unlicesed parents, constantly monitoring hospitals and peoples’ lives, and basically telling people not to have sex. LaFollette’s basica counter argument to all five objections is that the licensing program is very much possible and compares the licensing program to the adoption
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