The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Gun

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The debate of whether to own a gun or not is a rather interesting agreement. Guns are used for far more than just shooting a fellow human, they have uses in hunting as well as sport. But the overall concern is if the guns end up in the wrong hands, first I think we should ask ourselves why a gun is purchased. People have many reasons from personal protection to personal collecting. It is our second constitutional right to own and possess a firearm if cleared by the government, the safe keeping as well as good judgement is key into owning a gun correctly. While it is easier said than done due to unknown costs and risks. Guns should always be used as a last effort of an altercation and other alternatives should be thought of when deciding to…show more content…
Buying a gun can take a few days with training as well as background checks. A concealed carry can take roughly an extra forty-five more days in Ohio. This along with the costs of the gun, ammo, and necessary gun training could run a person around at least seven hundred dollars. This is not taking into account of the holster and safe costs. A gun must be locked up when stored at a house for the protection of children and thieves. The costs of the safe of the caliber need is roughly two hundred dollars, if someone uses a gun owned by one in an crime, some legal cases may end up on ones lap. This creates a weapon that saves one from a physical problem but forms many new legal problems headed one’s way if the gun is not stored correctly. There are also many places if a gun is found where prohibited on one’s person by an accidental carry can lead to a fine as well as the right to carry a firearm can be taken away. The extra costs of owning and carrying a gun can be far more than costs as listed above, training and clearance are one of the many hurdles one can face when owning a firearm. A nonlethal weapon is easier for one to get and can be brought to more places in case one may need to use

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