The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

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It is clearly known that the huge unsimilarity tween in-class learning and online learning is the involvement of social network technology. What 's more, Rasmussen College website claims that each type of learning has its both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the website considers face-to-face students tend to have more discipline and social interaction, because they will have motivation to complete assignments with the support of campus 's faculty and classmates, and with everyday in-class communication, their communicating skills will automatically improved. On the other hand, those who study online have to be self-motivated in order to pass the course, and by learning through videos or podcasts, they actually can learn independently without any interruption from either their instructors or mates.…show more content…
Traditional Education: The Answer You Never Expected"). I have interviewed three college students about which type of education they 'd prefer, traditional or online education. The first person is Hannah Peasha, who is currently a Business Management student at Shasta College, chose online education as her ideal way to learn because of flexible schedule; otherwise, for face-to-face learning, "if you miss a class, you will miss a lot." But the side story of learning from home or anywhere out of campus is students are easy to cheating or plagiarize, she
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