The Pros And Cons Of Online Classes

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studies of this sort do not prove is that online classes can teach much more complex and subjective skills with the same fervor. Subjective skills such as writing, interpreting literature, public speaking can be objectively judged by an individual (e.g. an instructor grading an assignment), but not universally. Presumably, this is why there are very few if any studies that have even attempted to measure subjective knowledge between traditional and online classes. Another factor may be that subjective skills typically those that involve interpersonal communication evidently suffer in an online setting. Online classes are unable to teach students communication beyond the impersonal realm of discussion boards. Thus online classes do not cultivate…show more content…
Above all else, online classes alone do not create the educated persons universities are expected to cultivate. Based on the negative consequences a primarily online education system entails, universities shouldn’t implement online classes as the sole solution to the growing demand for secondary education. However, despite the negative consequences, some elements of online classes benefit students if integrated alongside a traditional curriculum. In light of this, the best method for teaching students is through the use of hybrid courses.
Hybrid courses are traditional face to face classes that employ some elements of online classes. For example, a hybrid course could have the traditional in person lecture, but also have online discussion boards. Courses structured this way utilize the beneficial learning styles of both types of course. Allowing students learn to communicate professionally both online and in person, in person lectures reduce cheating and procrastination, and with the combined methods of learning information is reinforced and retention