The Pros And Cons Of Obesity

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Many adults including children live in a time where they are often criticized in every aspect of their daily lives and often resort to “comfort” without realizing the harmful effects associated with it. Obesity has become such a common mishap in today’s society, and no one is truly questioning it or taking any actions to prevent it. Obesity is when a person eats larger portions of food than what is necessary and often eats more fast-foods than healthy nourishments. A human body needs healthy nutrients for growth and health. In today’s Nation, it is expensive to try and have a healthy diet whereas junk food is cheap. Numerous amounts of people don’t think about their diet, because they are too busy with work, home, children, etc. Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always the first thing people worry about. It is much more accessible for a person to pick up fast foods and feed their family instead of cooking an actual home-cooked meal. If junk food was priced the same as healthy foods then people would significantly change their diet, and the outlook of junk food would be viewed differently. The price difference between fast foods and healthy foods is…show more content…
Obesity causes number of health issues. For example: Cardiac disease, diabetes, and Hypertension. The cost of insurance is high and the cost of medications are unaffordable. Not to mention it might lead to depression, isolation, and suicide tendencies. The person will then feel the tendency to isolate themselves from everyone and in turn rely more on foods for comfort rather than nutritional value. The person’s health then starts to deteriorate, starting a vicious cycle of no exercise, depression and more weight gain. Why are people suggesting to be obese, but not tell them about the health issues that will come along? The quality of life is diminished and can lead to premature